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Hello, my friends. In this blog, I will introduce you to a very good and secure online platform to work from home and earn in dollars. Yeah, you understood right. The is a website for students and tutors to help them with their needs. Students can post their questions and tutors answer them to help students and earn money.

Let’s begin with some detailed introduction to the website. The has a wide variety of subjects from which a student can select and post his question. After the student posted, a tutor can find it and even ask for…

Hello peeps.. Before we dive into our topic, i first recommend you to check the above kaggle link so that you can understand the MPST problem better and also you can download the dataset from there (if you are interested ;)). I have used the MPST dataset to display some of the most common or beginner techniques to featurize our “Story Based” text data. In MPST, the text or synopses we will get is about the Story of the movie which is collected from the IMDB.

A Little More About Why Tag Prediction Is IMPORTANT ?

When we tag something…

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